KETAKI KUSHARI DYSON, born in Calcutta in 1940 and educated at Calcutta and Oxford, is regarded as an outstanding Bengali writer of her generation. She has continued to write in Bengali though she has been part of the Indian diaspora in Britain for well over three decades. Kidlington, near Oxford, has been her permanent home since 1969. She writes in several literary genres, including poetry, fiction, drama, translation, and research-based works. Raater Rode (Night's Sunlight) is her first play. She has won major literary awards from Calcutta and is especially noted for her intellectual grit and linguistic finesse. She is a bilingual poet, with six full-length collections in Bengali and three in English. She is included in the just published Redbeck Anthology of British South Asian Poetry. A noted translator, who translates between her two languages in both directions with equal fluency, she has translated Anglo-Saxon poetry into Bengali, Rabindranath Tagore's poetry into English (Bloodaxe Books, 1991, Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation), and is currently translating the poetry of Buddhadeva Bose, a major post-Tagore poet. She is also a noted Tagore scholar. She has given talks, poetry readings and workshops in this country and abroad, including Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Argentina, and India.

Her latest poetry readings include Lauderdale House, London (Sept 99), the Wessex Poetry Festival (Oct 99), Trinity College, Carmarthen (National Poetry Day, Oct 99), the Nehru Centre, London (January 2000), the British Council, Calcutta (February 2000), and University Church, Oxford (March 2000). She has also appeared in the Wessex Poetry Festival in October 2000.

Her second play, Mozart Chocolate, was performed in Calcutta in 2001.

For a full list of her publications, visit her web-site at Ketaki Dyson Website