NIGHT'S SUNLIGHT (RAATER RODE) by Ketaki Kushari Dyson

NIGHT'S SUNLIGHT is a play packed with issues that will deeply concern us in the future. Acclaimed from the outset for its poetry, imaginative sweep, and brilliant dialogic quality, this densely textured play is born of twin cultural matrices, Bengali and British. First performed in the original Bengali in Manchester City of Drama 1994, with simultaneous English interpretation, it was subsequently performed in Birmingham, Oxford, and London. The production was by Sangbarta of Calcutta, directed by Sunil Das. In 1997 it was published in book-form by Dey's of Calcutta and performed by Sangbarta in Calcutta and Santiniketan.

The play was translated by the playwright herself under the sponsorship of the British Centre for Literary Translation, with funding from the European Commission. It is now presented in this English tanslation with a grant from the Millennium Commission, to focus attention on the work of a British Asian artist who writes in two languages.